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Limestone Aggregates

Single Sizes (no dust)

Our single size ‘clean’ limestone is ideal for drainage requirements, particularly 2” (50mm) or 40mm clean sizes. We also offer 1” (28mm) or 3” (75mm) clean sizes.

1″ (28mm) Clean

1” (28mm) clean is a small hardcore suitable for smaller areas as a sub-base where drainage is required. It is also suitable for pothole filling or topping off areas where large hardcore has been used.

1.5″ (40mm) Clean

1.5″ (40mm) clean is a medium-sized hardcore suitable for sub-bases where drainage is require

2″ (50mm) Clean

2” (50mm) clean is a medium hardcore suitable for sub-bases where drainage is required.

3″ (75mm) Clean

3” (75mm) clean is a large hardcore suitable for larger areas as a sub-base where drainage is required.

Crusher Runs

Our crushed limestone can be used for pothole filling and sub-bases where drainage is not required. All crusher runs are graded from the named size down to dust and are generally used in dry areas where good compaction is required.

Commonly used for backfilling and levelling excavated areas prior to concreting in structures such as grain store bases down to greenhouse bases. The size of the area dictates the size used. All pictures are from current stockpiles and are a guide only.

1″ (28mm) Down

1” (28mm) down is a small hardcore graded down to dust, suitable for pothole filling and fill for shallow areas.

2″ (50mm) Down

2” (50mm) down is a medium hardcore for sub-bases, driveways or large potholes.

3″ (75mm) Down

3” (75mm) down is a large hardcore suitable for deep sub-bases in large areas.

Type 1 Trench Fill (40mm)

Type 1 Trench Fill (40mm down) is a certificated hardcore fill for sub-bases, driveways or roads where an MOT (Ministry of Transport) type 1 is not necessary. Our trench fill is frost susceptible, so is not suitable for use on Council adopted roads.

Stone Fill

1A general stone fill (10” down to dust) is a certificated large fill for deep and large areas, suitable for a new highway or farm roads, agricultural or commercial building bases or temporary roads on unstable ground. Sometimes referred to as ‘as-dug’.

Limestone dust

Dust (0-8mm fine limestone) is suitable for blinding off areas where large hardcore has been used. Also available with a 1A fill certificate for use as infill when a fine material is required.


6F5 (3” down) is a certificated coarse road capping material suitable for use as a hardcore fill under MOT type 1 on council roads or footpaths.

Agricultural screened lime is used for spreading on agricultural land for soil neutralisation. Optimising a soil’s PH will ensure the nutrients are available to the growing crop rather than lost through leaching or locked up in an inaccessible form. With the rising prices of fertilisers, liming presents a significant benefit to farmers at a reasonable cost. Here at Longwood Quarries, we can offer a delivery service direct to the required field as long it is safe for our vehicles to access and tip.

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