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We deliver across Lincolnshire and parts of Nottinghamshire dependent upon distance. Please see the map. Call or email for prices.

Where toll bridges/roads cannot be avoided, the charges will be passed on to the customer. On many occasions, we can offer a next day delivery service, though this is dependent upon the availability of transport. Minimum delivery amount of 10 tonnes applies and will incur a part-load charge for an 8-wheeler (approx. 20 tonnes). Customers must ensure that the delivery area is large enough for an 8-wheeler to tip safely and that there are no overhead cables etc. Our drivers reserve the right to refuse delivery if they deem the site unsafe for them to tip.

Other Information

Longwood Quarries Ltd also offers a public weigh facility for certain vehicles for a small charge, providing a computer-generated ticket from our calibrated weighbridge. Vehicles with a low tow bar will not be able to enter our weighbridge due to a lack of clearance, so please bear this in mind, as damage could be caused to your vehicle or the weighbridge. Please note that we can only provide a gross weight and not separate axle weights. All site instructions must be followed by members of the public when driving on-site, and there is a speed limit in force.

Due to Covid and related factors beyond our control, we are currently unable to accept any cash payments. We can accept most major cards and contactless methods of payment. For deliveries where customers do not have an account with us, we can arrange to take payment by card prior to delivery.

If you require a quote, please ensure you have the following information available so we can help you. We will need to know the product required and how much you need. You can use our handy calculator to determine how much product you require to cover a specific area, though this is a guide only. We will need a postcode to find the area and give an accurate cost if you require delivery (minimum load applies – see left). 

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Use our calculator to work out your next order.

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